Monday, October 29, 2007

my feet, parentheses, the force of gravity, etc.

I washed the dishes & put Linda's sheets in the hamper & turned the couch back into a couch. It was lovely to have a houseguest & lovely to now be back to my own spacetime continuum.

What would be the first thing you'd buy if you had a million dollars in your piggy bank? A house? A car? A banjo? I don't know what my first thing would be, but I am thinking about a house & a new bathrobe & maybe a banjo & a Caribbean cruise & some other stuff I can't think of right now.

A more useful exercise perhaps is thinking about all the things you're appreciating right now. For me it's a long list. I'll share an extremely abbreviated version
--which doesn't include the lovely people I appreciate,
lest any of them (you) feel left out
(instead, I would like you all to feel IN)

color (especially blue. & pink & orange together. & brown. & bright yellow. &--well, you get the picture), the moon, opposable thumbs, my slippers (both pairs), massages, candles, kipper snacks, my flat screen tv, the force of gravity, my pencil post bed, fall, cats, blank paper, my laptop, the claw foot bathtub in my apartment, my feet, meditation, electricity, spoons, tea, sex, butterflies, cellos, sunlight, acrylic paints, telephones, Peru, rain, my car, dreams, cheese, parentheses, stars, Legos, fireflies, palindromes, ceiling fans, office supply stores, the planet Mars, thunder & lightning, chocolate, round tables, the Quantum Zeno effect, card games, mountain laurel, sticky notes, brain plasticity, email, differing opinions, pancakes with maple syrup, petrified wood, the Mediterranean, coffee shops, air, the butterfly effect, poetry, fried chicken thighs, intuition, fireplaces, etcetera.

Blog alternative:
92. Write down an eclectic list of things you appreciate.