Sunday, May 6, 2007

Batik your way to world peace

More walking, more meditating, blah blah blah. More coffeeshop-ing.

So what's new?

Um, my batik/discharge class! Fun, but totally disorganized. Good thing only two of us (my friend and I) signed up. I don't know how the system would have supported even one more student. (I think the instructor had distracting life stuff going on.) It did reinforce in me that I love batik and need to find a way to do it. Maybe my garage/shed has an outlet in it and I could set up tables and wax and dye and an iron. And I could invite my friends to join me and we could start a cottage industry bringing colored cloth to the world and everyone would be so wowed by the beauty that they'd join in and world peace would--

Maybe I'd better check for that outlet, first. (For lack of a nail, the shoe was lost, etc.)

My recent philosophizing includes the following:
U are the center of your universe. No one else. And you can't be the center of anyone else's, no matter how much they want you to be or think that you are.

Blog alternative:
42. Write a long, messy wish list with your non-dominant hand. See what you didn't know you wanted.