Thursday, May 31, 2007

The frogs aren't talking--but I know where the bodies are

You have found me at the coffee shop rather than the porch. It's a little hot for the porch right now. Asheville is droughting. (I hear Phoenix, which doesn't have the run-off infrastructure, is getting our rain.) I know where the bodies of several hundred tadpoles are entombed in what used to be a pond at the Arboretum parking lot.

It'll cool down by evening though. The blessing of elevation. I'll open the windows & let the summer night blow through. Too bad screens won't keep mosquitoes & wasps out & let fireflies in. It would be fun to have a house full of fireflies. Of course, I don't have the vegetation for that. A meadow in the living room would be a lot of work. Plus I'd then want to put a pond in & begin a tadpole rescue operation. I doubt the downstairs neighbors would like that. ("Um, Laurel, your tadpoles are dripping through the light fixtures again...")

I just signed up to go to my 30-year class reunion. Also there's an all-school reunion where my dad & cousins & aunts & uncle went to school. So I have a couple trips to Montana planned. Probably only drive one of them.

My meditation session this morning rocked! Perhaps the best ever so far. The key was a tip from a friend about relaxing into whatever it is you're going for, which means you're not going for it at all, but letting yourself be there. For example, the thought/feeling I let flow through me this morning was
with ease & grace
I relax into my power, my knowing, my health, my affluence, my true self
body, mind, heart & soul
Since I didn't start out as a good visualizer, I used to really try to latch on to images when I did get them--which of course made them go ffftt! Now I realize all comes in in its own time & am much more relaxed about it, which means images come more easily & hang around longer.

Blog alternative:
53. Look up what your name means, if you don't already know. If you don't like the meaning, come up with an alternate meaning. If you don't like your name, come up with a secret true name. Share it with a true friend. Or maybe change it for real.