Thursday, May 3, 2007

Free coffee for everyone--just kidding

I know, you've heard it a billion times: No matter where you go, there you are.

But it is true, and bears repeating.

For example, I was at the DMV today, getting my duplicate driver's license with my current address on it. (Don't tell anyone, but I moved into my new apartment more than 30 days ago and hadn't notified the DMV...) It is within the realm of possibility that I'd have put it off longer, but I wanted to get a new, local bank account and figured it would help to have my actual address on the license. I arrived at 9:30 a.m. and was out of there by 11!

Now, to some of you, that may seem like a long time, but it could have been worse, both in length of time spent there, and enjoyment of time spent there. The woman sitting next to me certainly was not happy with her stay. But me? I read the rest of this great novel (The Dragon Queen, written by me, myself and I, and sent off to my editor a couple days ago) which made me laugh out loud in some places and shiver in others. I also worked on my screenplay a little.

When #131 was finally called, I went up to station #1 with everything I thought I'd need: a utility bill for proof of address, driver's license, social security card, cash because the DMV won't take an out-of-state check, even if it has a local address imprinted on it. (One of my reasons for getting a local bank account.) I was getting these things out and mentioned to the friendly woman who was assisting me that my Dripolator coffee card probably wouldn't help and she said, "They have great coffee. Does it have a free one on it?"

I reached into my other pocket and extricated a filled-up card with one free drink left and gave it to her. Made her day! (And it wasn't a bribe, in case the DMV oversight people are monitoring this blog. Grin.)

We had a nice little chat as she was revising my address and she's going to look at my novel and maybe even my blog (hi, nice DMV woman!) and the old adage proves true once again--no matter where you go there you are. An hour and a half at the DMV can be heaven or hell, depending on where your spirit dwells. My friend Mary left me a nice voicemail message saying she hoped I was having a fabulous day, of the sort that I always had and that she was going to call that sort of day a Laurel day. I like that.

So, everyone, have a Laurel day. On me. (I'd give you a free coffee to go with it, but I'm fresh out.)

Breaking news:
Blog alternative turns 40!

40. Look back at old emails and find one from an old friend that you'd meant to respond to. And respond. (She'll appreciate it. (Hi Peggy!))