Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Full moon, red wine, dead grandmother

My executive assistant had to come a little late and I had to leave a little early, but still things are looking up in terms of habitability. Plus I love my new painting-in-progress,
which is tentatively called
mountain. angel. flame. (the awakening)

I want to get back to the world, so shall condense

last night
full moon
red wine
porch sitting
great energy

beloved universe
thank you

One of the things that turned up today was a picture of my young beautiful grandmother (Grandma Arla) holding baby me, her first grandchild. I cried and my executive assistant gave me a hug. Though my grandmother is dead, that is a living piece of the past.

Blog alternative
39. Think fondly of a dead relative & send loving thoughts. Then, think fondly of a living relative (or friend) & send loving thoughts--by phone, or on paper, or even in an email.