Friday, May 4, 2007

Talking dog reviews billionaire's unwritten novel

I have had the most wonderful meditations today and discussions with wise friends. One of the results is the refining of insight. For example, the issue of millionairity (a few posts back). I realized that in every way that counts, I am as rich as I need to be. This does not mean that I'm not open to being that (on paper) millionaire. On the contrary. I'm planning to enjoy it a great deal. But in the meantime, I'm looking at myself as already being a millionaire--heck, a billionaire.

On the subject of being where you are, including well into the second hour at the DMV. Frequently the only thing we control (at that moment anyway) is our attitude. I had a fine time at the DMV with my computer. The young guy next to me and the older guy next to him were having a great time talking together on the subject of cars. They'd never met before, but they had tons in common and that's probably why each ended up at that particular DMV at that particular time in those particular chairs. The woman on the other side of me, who was not-so-patiently waiting for her son to take his driver's license test, made her own time there a little bit of hell.

I did think today, though, that perhaps I was feeling a bit "enlightened-er-than-thou" rather than actually sharing the wealth with her, by perhaps engaging her in conversation. Not that I feel responsible for uplifting the spirits of the entire universe, but inquiry into who she was may have uplifted both of us.

And during the meditation time here at the coffee shop, just before beginning this missive, I realized that the true nature of my creativity (and any creativity) is to share the beauty, love, peace, joy, strength, wisdom, etcetera in my heart and soul (in any heart and soul). So, after I "hang up" here, I'm going to draw a picture of a woman with a multi-petalled flower in her heart, where every petal is one of those things (love, joy, etcetera) and tendrils come out her fingers and go to a paintbrush and a camera and a computer keyboard and a guitar and etcetera. (The bad thing about being such a blogging Luddite is that I'm not yet to the stage of putting pictures in, so you have to slog through a thousand words to get the idea of the picture. The good thing about being a blogging Luddite is that if my picture turns out terrible none of you will see it!)

I'm having sushi with girlfriends tonight! Yay! And I got to see Sita (my little dog companion of the pet-sitting escapade) as she was out walking with her mom's new renter. She was so excited to see me she talked to me and almost squirmed out of her skin.

Blog alternative:
41. Write a few pages from the middle of an imaginary novel (as my son did for a creative paper) and then review the entire unwritten novel (as he did for the critical paper).