Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stella Dallas vs. Big Lucy Lou: who would win?

A walk in the arboretum.

Part of it was a forced march, because I could tell I had a date with a porta-potty. (I know; TMI.) But it was a lovely day, mid 70s, with a breeze, & more of those star bell flowers were out. I was still wondering what they were & then there were more right at the arboretum & there was a sign &


Mountain Laurel!

My favorite flowers are named after me. Or vice versa, more likely. How cool is that? (Actually, my mom, who should know, tells me I'm named after Stella Dallas's daughter from the old radio show. But she is no doubt named after the flower, so I'm actually related, although once removed.)

One of the baristas, who is just getting off shift, is texting his wife. That reminds me of a conversation with one of the sushi girls, from earlier in the month, in which I related that I am too old to text. I am convinced that this is the dividing line, with all others (gender, race, political affiliation, etc.) being meaningless:

Do you text, thumbs flying over the itty bitty keypad of your phone, or the ittier bittier (but more numerous) keys of your Blackberry? Or do you rather laboriously enter the names of your friends when you store their numbers on the cell phone, sometimes passing the right letter a couple times & having to cycle through choices again?

I, of course, am in the older generation. There are older texters & younger I'd-so-much-rather-callers, & I don't know exactly the age point on the bell curve where the switch happens, but happen it does. Someone should do a survey. Someday, all us old fogeys will be standing around helplessly with our phones in our hands & our Bermuda shorts pulled up to our breastbones, waiting for a young un with a massively-developed thumb to happen by & text someone to pick us up from the bingo parlor. (Because the last time we tried it ourselves, we got a take-out order of dolmades & a streetwalker named Big Lucy Lou who would not take no for an answer--& did not take American Express.)

Blog alternative:
49. Pick (as in choose) a favorite flower & perhaps--if it doesn't get you arrested--pick one.