Tuesday, May 8, 2007

But what about this fringy leather vest...

I had all these clothes in my generous closet space in Rochester, Minnesota. I'd gone through them with kindly critical friends (from "That is so mom of twins." to "Very hot--I don't care if you like it or not, you're wearing it!) over the years. Since I've stayed about the same size, I'd collected lots of fun clothes. But, too much of anything is not good. (Example: on Friday night, when we were getting close to the end of our meal, one of my friends said, "I'm beginning to feel oppressed by the sushi.")

When I came to Asheville last August, I brought 6 months worth of clothes. When I decided to stay, I called my downstairs neighbor and told her a few more things I wanted and asked her to sell and give away everything else. It was very freeing!

Except--the places in Rochester wanted everything steam cleaned and possibly hermetically sealed and then my neighbor had to leave for Thailand unexpectedly, so the clothes got dumped in my ex-husband's house in three black plastic garbage bags for me to deal with later.

Later is now. I hauled them back from Minnesota and they've been riding around in my car until today. Today I lugged them upstairs and went through them, to decide which ones would go to Goodwill and which to the place that will actually give me a few bucks for them. And--as I suspected--I found myself with a third pile: oh! I might want this. Maybe...

So, now I am going to enlist more friends to help me sort that pile down further. My closet space here is much leaner, we'll call it. This is a good thing. I don't need nearly that many clothes. Enough is BETTER than a feast.

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