Friday, May 18, 2007

New organizers (with cedar inserts) for the monsters under the bed

Oh, the joys of organization! My home is so much more welcoming & wonderful now. My executive assistant worked for & with me yesterday & today. (Plus we had lunch together & visited as well.) Now all the artwork has been moved from the entryway. (Feng shui people would be proud of me. Probably. I might have the personal relationship stuff in the money corner & vice versa.) Stacks of paper have been looked at & sorted & even (partially, at least) dealt with. I bought new underbed storage units (with cedar inserts!) at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Yay me! Yay us! Yay Universe! (& Yay You, too, for good measure!) (Yay exclamation points!) (Yay parentheses!) (Etcetera!)

I will not linger long at the keyboard. Time to get out into the nice brisk world. (Earlier, it was right around my favorite temperature if you remember what that is. Now it's about 56 degrees.) I love it when spring feels like spring & doesn't leap right into summer.

Great little meditation phrase I used this morning:
All that is I, let it grow.
All that is not, let it go.

Blog alternative
48. Look at your furniture to see if it is all where you want it. If not, rearrange something.
(& a bonus blog alternative alternative)
(Alternatively, look at your furniture to see if you want it. If not, get rid of something.)